Why Buy From Frontier Firewood

  • Better Burning

    Our kiln-dried firewood will burn hotter, produce more heat and less smoke than seasoned or green firewood, keeping your house warm and your chimneys cleaner!

  • Better Quality

    New Jersey firewood that is kiln dried removes moisture from the wood, producing the highest quality firewood possible. This makes it easier to light, so you can spend your time around the fire with those that matter most instead of struggling to get it started!

  • Better for You and Your Family

    Our firewood spends almost two days in the kiln at temperatures exceeding 250 degrees, which kills any insects that may be present and prevents mold from growing on the firewood.

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Don’t Let Your Night By the Fire Go Up In Smoke!

Frontier Firewood serves New Jersey & NYC with certified kiln-dried firewood.

Perfect for fireplaces, wood stoves, fire pits, bbq smokers, restaurants, wood-fired pizza ovens, and more!

  • Light your fire with ease instead of struggling in front of friends and family.

    What’s the point of purchasing firewood if it’s almost impossible to light and barely burns? Quality is key when it comes to firewood, not price. Look like a hero in front of your family and friends by getting a roaring fire started with ease with our kiln dried firewood, instead of gathering around a fizzling fire that gives off more smoke than heat from “seasoned” firewood. here

  • Frontier Firewood Delivers on Quality!

    Frontier Firewood has invested in top of the line equipment to deliver on the quality that we promise. Our firewood processor ensures consistent length and sizing. Our tumbler separates loose debris from the firewood. The kiln allows us to dry your firewood to the optimal moisture content level to provide a great burn and ensure it is insect-free. And our great team members complete the process by delivering your firewood to exactly where you would like it (dumped or stacked).

    Frontier Firewood invested in top of the line equipment to deliver on the quality that we promise. After the wood is split, we have a machine that separates the nice firewood pieces from most of the dirt, loose bark, and other odd pieces. This way you are receiving the firewood you ordered and not a bunch of debris along with it. Then comes the kiln drying process next to ensure a quick and easy lighting process and a hotter, cleaner burn!

  • Convenient Delivery!

    No one likes coming home after a long day of work and seeing a pile of firewood in the driveway. Frontier Firewood will neatly stack your firewood for you upon delivery for a small charge. Just let us know where you’d like us to stack it (within a reasonable distance) and you won’t have to worry about it when you get home!

    We do recommend keeping the firewood covered or stacked inside to keep it from getting wet. It is wood so it will absorb some moisture if it rains or snows.

    We deliver throughout New Jersey and NYC! Check here for specific areas.

Our Process

We focus on quality so you can focus on family and friends!


    Unloading our firewood logs from local tree removal jobs around Monmouth County.

    All of our wood is then processed at our facility!


    This is how we kiln dry our firewood everyday by loading our split firewood into our kiln.

    This is the process that ensures your wood comes out clean, bug/mold free, and at the lowest moisture content possible


    At our yard we have mountains of fresh split firewood that we do all throughout the year!

    We never are out of stock on wood, meaning you can count on us to sell you firewood anytime of the year!

Quick & Easy Delivery!

We have firewood in stock year-round! We are able to turn around your order very quickly whether it is the winter or the summer!

Our Location

Frontier Firewood is located in Red Bank, New Jersey. We are not limited to Monmouth County only, we still deliver our firewood throughout New Jersey & NYC.

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